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Original Church and Rectory
Original Church and Rectory on South Grove Street,
viewed from vacant lot, where the school is now located

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The Diocese of Rockville Centre
Chronological List of Founding Dates

The information in this section was obtained from Richly Blessed, a history of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, by Sr. Joan de Lourdes, C.S.J., in 1991.
For information about the sources of this information,
please consult the aforementioned work.

1902-Holy Name of Mary, Valley Stream, enjoyed the ministry of its founding pastor, Rev. Peter P. McGovern, from March 18*, 1902, until his death on September 18, 1952. After the first Mass, offered in the firehouse on Corona Avenue, Father McGovern developed parish facilities, such as a church, school, convent and rectory. The Sisters of St. Joseph assumed responsibility for the parochial school in 1939.

*Note: The more probable date is Sunday, May 18, 1902.

Bishop Kearney and Father McGovern
Bishop Kearney and Father McGovern in 1944

Valley Stream Mail and Gibson Herald, Thursday May 25, 1944

Hoss 'n Buggy

In 1903, when the present Holy Name of Mary Church was built, an important feature was outside shelter for horses and carriages. In the rear of the Church a wagon shed was erected with a watering trough and along the north side of the building, hitching posts were in evidence every few feet.
Winter and summer, members of the parish would drive for miles to attend Sunday mass, while from Rosedale and parts of Lynbrook, the "Toonerville" trolley which rambled from "City Line" to Hempstead, would transport others. Garages now supplant the wagon sheds.

Courtesy of Valley Stream Historical Society

Messages from Father Harold...

January 27, 2001

Dear Parishioners,

About two weeks ago, a group of parishioners came together to begin making plans for our hundredth anniversary year in 2002. The Centennial of any organization is a momentous event for its members.
The Centennial of our parish is very significant for us. Thousands have been baptized here and celebrated their sacraments. Those couples who began the faith journey of sacramental marriage, as many as 60 years ago and more, have fond memories of that sacred moment when they pledged their lives in love in this sanctuary. The parish has been a source of comfort and compassion to untold numbers who have come to pray at a funeral Mass for a person they loved. A parish touches so many people. Some of our parishioners have lived their entire lives here, as many as 80+ years, and have experienced so many changes and remained so supportive through it all. Other parishioners have recently arrived and seek to share their faith and love of God in this community. We often have visitors who come a distance to celebrate a family baptism or first communion, or to pray at a funeral and they bring a little piece of this faith community to their own.
2002 will be an important year for us to remember, celebrate, and look ahead. We will do so in a spirit of prayer and by sharing our sense of community. We hope that as many parishioners as possible will share in the Centennial. We will have special Masses, devotions, speakers, family events and a dinner dance. The celebration will begin January 1, 2002 and we will have a special event on the eighth day of every month. September 8, the Feast of the Birth of Mary and December 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception will be major celebrations. To help everyone remember the important days and to develop a theme, we will have a celebration on the eighth of each month.
Our second meeting to help plan these events will be on March 22 at 7:30 PM in the school cafeteria. All interested parishioners are invited to attend. We need your help.

March 31, 2001


As you know. 2002 is our hundredth anniversary year. We had a great committee meeting last week; more than 50 parishioners came. Lots of planning is underway. At the end of the meeting, I invited each of the participants to state what he or she would like to see accomplished during this special year. A vast majority spoke of how they hope to see a return to the parish - a return of younger people, teenagers, families, people who perhaps were here on a regular basis at one time, but now we see less often. People spoke of how they want to create a welcome and celebrating spirit for the centennial. Hopefully, this will happen..
The Centennial begins January 1, 2002, Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The committee discussed when is best to celebrate. Which would you be more likely to attend? 10:30 PM Mass on New Year's Eve followed by a Champagne toast at midnight in the school auditorium or a noon Mass on New Year's Day, followed by a simple reception. We wonder which people would prefer. We'll give you a chance to let us know by a poll through the bulletin. Think about it.

May 05, 2001


The Centennial Anniversary Committee had its third meeting last week and we have firmed up much of the calendar for the big celebration. The Committee is excited and we will be looking for your help and support. We want to begin our celebration on January 1, 2002, Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, a great feast on which to begin our celebration. We want your input on how to begin. We have two possibilities.
1) A 10:30 PM Mass on New Year's Eve, December 31 with a champagne/dessert reception to follow in the school auditorium at midnight,
2) A 12:00 Noon Mass on New Year's Day, January I with a similar champagne/bunch reception to follow in the school auditorium. Which would you be more likely to attend. Let us know by returning the tear out sheet below in the collection basket. We need your help in making this decision.

May 27, 2001

Many thanks to all of you who responded to the questions in the bulletin asking for your thoughts about the opening of our Centennial celebration and the scheduling of a Sunday evening Mass. The following are the results.
145 parishioners prefer an opening Centennial celebration taking place at the 12:00 noon Mass on January I, 2002 followed by a champagne/brunch reception to begin the Centennial year.
35 parishioners prefer an opening Centennial celebration taking place at a 10:30 PM New Year's Eve Mass followed by a Champagne/dessert reception.
In view of a clear majority preference, we will open the Centennial year with a 12:00 Noon Mass on January I, 2002 followed by a Champagne/Brunch reception.

July 1, 2001

On Sunday, September 23 at the Noon Mass we hope to have the re-dedication of the shrine and celebrate a special Mass in preparation for the 2002 Centennial Year. A Centennial is an important celebration and the Committee, in accordance with results of an opinion poll, has already announced the opening of the celebration. It will be at the Noon Mass on January 1, 2002, the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God. A brunch reception will follow. Please also mark Friday, November 8, 2002 on your calendars. On that evening we will have a Centennial Dinner-Dance at the Milleridge Cottage in Jericho, New York. The Committee visited several possible locations, shopped for the most affordable cost, and selected the Milleridge Cottage as the best possible site. The dinner-dance will cost $75.00 per person. Hopefully having this date so far in advance will allow those who wish to attend to budget this celebration into their plans for November 2002 so that as many as possible of us might attend. In these weeks and months ahead, you will hear more and more about our plans for the Centennial.

Plaque at the Shrine re-dedicated September 23, 2001

November 24, 2001

Recently the Parish's Centennial Committee met and we finalized many celebration events for the Centennial year. The Anniversary year will begin on January 1, 2002 and conclude on December 8, 2002. Throughout the year the Committee and I will be communicating with you about the many activities planned for this special time in the life of Holy Name of Mary Parish.

I especially want to alert you to two very important dates. On Tuesday, January 1, 2002 at the Noon Mass we will begin the Centennial with Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. This Solemnity of Mary is a holyday of obligation. As a parish bearing her name, it is very appropriate that we begin our centennial on the opening day of the new year, on Mary's special feast day. Earlier this year we polled you through the bulletin and a vast majority indicated this would be the best day to begin the centennial celebration. We hope that as many parishioners as possible will make plans to attend this special Mass on January 1.

The second date I want to bring to your attention is Friday, November 8, 2002. On that evening we will have a Centennial Dinner Dance at the Milleridge Cottage in Jericho, New York. The cost will be $75.00 per person. The committee researched several catering facilities and was concerned that this affair be as affordable to as many parishioners as possible. Again, we hope that many will be able to attend. The Milleridge Cottage can accommodate up to about 400 people. To allow parishioners to plan for the cost of the dinner dance, we felt it would be helpful to let you know well in advance of this celebration.

The Centennial Committee has met several times during the past year. We very much hope that the year will be a very blessed one for us all. 100 years is a long time and so many, many stories and persons have been part of the rich history of Holy Name of Mary. It will be a year of remembering and celebrating the past. It will also be a year of looking ahead with hope and promise to the future.

Most of all the Centennial will be a year of welcome. We need to use this special year of grace to welcome new parishioners and to welcome back some of us who perhaps have been distant from our parish or from the sacramental life of the church. Hopefully it will be a year during which we re-invigorate our prayer and worship life together. We will continue to upgrade the appearance of our church. More importantly, hopefully we will find ourselves a little more crowded in the pews. We need to get the word out that being an active worshipping parishioner here is helpful to one's life. We will succeed in inviting and welcoming others to a more regular participation in the Eucharist. Our Centennial will surely be a success if more of us discover how experiencing God in Word and Sacrament strengthens us for the challenges of everyday living.

2002, our Centennial Year, will also be a year of continued healing. The healing process that now follows the tragedy of September 11 and its aftermath offers us many challenges. Jesus was fully engaged in the ministry of healing. He will guide us in our speech and in our actions. The challenge for us all is to keep returning to Him for His guidance and direction during this healing process.

As we begin the Advent Season next Sunday, I ask you to begin to pray often and regularly for this intention: That our Centennial be a year of welcome, renewed faith practice, and healing. For those faithful prayer is among us, I ask you to include this intention in your daily prayers.

January 5, 2002

We had a wonderful beginning of our Centennial celebration on New Year's Day. More than 1,000 people came to the Noon Mass and most came over to the reception in school immediately afterward. Carmine and Isabel Desio and Mary Sheffield were chairpersons for the day and did a wonderful job along with the generous members of their committee. The committee took care of every thing for the reception from the decorating on Saturday to the very last part of clean-up after the party on New Year's Day. Many, many thanks.

Many thanks to the local vendors who supplied us with food for the day, particularly Trader Joe's, T&F Pork, Valley Bagel and Magic Bagel. lt's great that members of the local business community are generous in their support of the parish. Many people commented how they enjoyed so much the music at the Centennial Mass on January 1. Many thanks to Mr. Kevin Faughey, our Music Director who leads our music ministry through the year. More and more, we are trying to bring together our music and singing talent from both our parish choir and the folk group that regularly sings and plays at the 10:30 Family Mass under the director of Mr. Anthony Zizzamia. When these two groups join together, it seems to add a special touch. All the parish enjoyed and benefited from the extra time and effort put in by Mr. Faughey and all the choirs this Christmas Season. The concert we enjoyed shortly before Christmas and the Centennial Mass created many fond memories. Many people were moved by the rendition of "America the Beautiful—From Sea to Shining Sea."

February 9, 2002

Our Centennial Events continue to be great successes. Most every event fills up quickly in terms of reservations and waiting lists have to be created. It is important that if you make a reservation for events such as the St. Patrick's Dinner Dance that you do your best to keep the reservation. If for some reason you are unable to be present, please let the chairpersons know so that other parishioners will have the opportunity to attend. Thanks.

February 16, 2002

This past weekend and week were ones filled with lots of great activity in our parish and when you reflect on them a great sign of good health and community spirit. Last Friday we had our Centennial Spaghetti Supper which 250 people attended. Marianne Madden chaired the event and her committee served all 250 people in about thirty minutes. Many people helped out. Mr. Dominic Ianniello was especially helpful with preparing the 40 pounds of meatballs. Several people helped out with the spaghetti. Our eighth grade Confirmation Class served as waitresses and waiters. All in all, a great community experience on a Friday night.

On Sunday at the Noon Mass, we celebrated the vocation and Sacrament of Marriage. More than 100 couples participated and all had the Opportunity to renew their marriage vows. One couple, Keith and Anna Berry are now married 65 years and received a wonderful ovation for their achievement and example. Carmine and Isabelle Desio chaired the event and again had lots of help, including the ever-growing Stewforkids who greeted people and assisted with the reception after Mass in the cafeteria. Those attending very much enjoyed seeing wedding pictures of some of their friends from over 50 years ago. Several couples have spoken or written about how meaningful this celebration truly was. Again, it was a great community experience of celebrating this very important sacrament and vocation in our church.

On Tuesday, we had Mardi Gras for about 450 people, mostly young families with children from our religious education program and parish school. In true Mardi Gras spirit, the kids enjoyed face painting, masks, balloons and beads. They were invited to design their own shopping bags and there were many recreational events in the gym and in the downstairs meeting rooms. Parents of the kids cooked more than 800 hot dogs. It was great to see so many young children and their parents come together and have so much fun. Sr. Barbara came up with this great idea, organized it, and probably will make it an Annual tradition. It was very successful.

A lot going on at Holy Name of Mary. A sign of lots of life and lots of grace.

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March 16, 2002

..... most happily, we mark 100 years as a parish this weekend. March 16, 1902, Father Peter P. McGovern first celebrated Mass as the new pastor of Holy Name of Mary Parish. He gathered with his new parishioners at the firehouse on Corona Avenue. So much has happened these past 100 years. We began our celebration on Jan. 1, 2002 with our Opening Mass. We continue this month of March with our Friday night gatherings. On this Saturday night, March 16, we celebrate with the St. Patrick's Dinner Dance. We will culminate our celebration with a September 8 Mass, November 8 Dinner Dance, and December 8 Closing Mass. So far it has been a very happy experience. Pray in gratitude for our parish, in gratitude especially for the courage and vision of those who began the parish. Pray for the thousands who prayed here before us as Holy Name of Mary Parishioners - - many of them your parents, brothers and sisters, children, friends and neighbors, who now pray with us as saints in heaven. Pray that we would continue to be faithful to the great tradition that we have received.

May 25, 2002

The Centennial Parish Picnic is taking place, Saturday, June 8 at the Valley Stream State Park. You bring your food and beverage. When you get there, you'll share fun and good company with friends, neighbors, and parishioners. The picnic will conclude with a 5:00 PM Mass at the picnic site. This Mass will fulfill the Sunday obligation.

In this bulletin there is a page explaining how you can make reservations for the Centennial Dinner Dance at Milleridge Cottage on Friday, November 8. The cost is $75.00 per person and is all inclusive: cocktail hour, dinner, music and dancing. The committee expects that all 400 tickets will be sold for this celebration. Because, we expect so many to want to attend, reservations can only be secured with full payment. There is a registration form with directions elsewhere in the bulletin.

July 6, 2002

We had a great Multicultural Festival last Sunday. The committee that planned, organized and worked so hard the entire day began its work for this Centennial event more than a year ago. Many parishioners spent hours and hours on all aspects of this celebration and hundreds came and joined in the fun. We started with the Noon Mass during which children and adults in native dress and costume processed in before Mass. The outfits were remarkably colorful and gave living expression to the diversity we share in our parish as represented by the 32 different flags that adorned the church. About 10 different languages were represented at the Mass as parishioners spoke the General Intercessions in their ancestral or native tongue. Many people remarked about the beauty of the liturgy; much of the beauty seen as we gathered around the table of the Lord as people from so many different heritages.

After Mass, a bagpiper led us on our way to the festival of food, song, dance and music in the school gymnasium and yard. The food was unbelievable. More than 75 dishes were served and each was delicious. Some parishioners prepared entire meals and we estimate that more than 800 people shared in the delights.

Outside, under a tent, entertainment extended from l:30 to 4:30. Dance, song, and music filled the air on this warm sunny afternoon. People loved it and it was a wonderful experience of community spirit.

This celebration was truly an event that recognized the diverse talent that we share in our parish community. So much of the appreciation for this beautiful day belongs to the hard working committee that spent hours and hours not only planning and preparing, but also in serving and in cleaning up afterwards. Having begun on Sunday prior to 8:00 AM; the committee only finished at 5:30 PM when the last chair was folded and the gym floor was swept clean. Congratulations and many thanks to the Multicultural Festival Committee; You all did a great job!

August 3, 2002

The Parish will celebrate a special Mass as we observe the First Anniversary of September 11. It is still to be determined the exact date and time. Consideration is being given to having a Mass on the evening of September 10 or 11. Next week's bulletin will announce the date after a decision is made this week.

We began our Centennial celebration with a Mass on January 1, 2002 and the first half of the celebration culminated with the wonderful Multicultural Day on Sunday, June 30, a truly great experience of our diversity and unity. We are now ready to resume the celebration.

On Thursday, August 8, a group of parishioners will pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport. While there, we will have Mass and other prayer gatherings. The bus is filled for the trip; parishioners who wish to travel by car are welcome to attend; call the rectory for additional information. Our Lady of the Island is a beautiful place to visit on a summer afternoon.

Please mark your calendar for Sunday, September 8, the Noon Mass. Bishop Murphy will come and celebrate Mass for the Feast of the Birth of Mary on that day. This is our Centennial Mass. Great music involving all our singing groups is planned. A renewal of our Baptismal Promises will be led by Bishop Murphy; a lawn reception will follow. All parishioners are especially invited to attend this celebration; summer vacation will have ended; school will be back in session; we all hope that this Eucharist will be a special memory for all who fill the church that day.

Tickets for the Parish Centennial Dinner Dance on Friday, November 8 at Milleridge Cottage are selling quickly. More than 325 tickets are sold and less than 100 seats remain. We may well sell out, meaning that some of us might be disappointed. So if you wish to attend, I encourage you to purchase your tickets soon. A form is available in today's bulletin and on the website.

August 17, 2002

Two major anniversary events to mark on your September calendar! Sunday, September 8, Noon Mass, our Parish Centennial Mass on The Feast of the Birth of Mary. A big celebration of our 100 years. I hope we pack the Church!

Secondly, the week of Sunday, September 22 — Father Vincent Youngberg will come and preach our Centennial Parish Mission. Fr. Youngberg is a well known and loved preacher. On two separate occasions I was with friends from other parishes and when they heard Fr. Youngberg was coming to Holy Name of Mary, they said they'll be here. They have heard him before and want to come again. Mark your calendars, the week of September 22.

August 31, 2002

I encourage and invite all of you to our special Centennial Mass, next Sunday, September 8 at the Noon Mass. l am confident it will be a wonderful celebration.

One hundred years of families, faith, and fidelity to the Lord is something to be excited about. At this Mass we will recall the first Baptism in our parish that took place on May 25, 1902. Since then, thousands have been baptized. We will have the opportunity to renew our own Baptismal promises on Sunday.

I believe it is truly a privilege to be pastor at Holy Name of Mary at this significant time. We have received the legacy of all those who have gone before us. Most especially, we need to recall the gift of our first pastor, Msgr. Peter McGovern. He led the beginnings of this new community, built several buildings, started our parish school and remained pastor for 50 years until 1952. He must have been a truly dedicated and committed priest.

Another great gift we have among us are those parishioners who are still here from the days of Msgr. McGovern. I very much enjoy hearing these senior wisdom people tell stories of the early days. These long time parishioners, born, baptized, raised, married and now retired in our parish are a wonderful source of history and inspiration. They truly know and love Holy Name of Mary, and their fidelity and commitment to the parish through the joys and the sorrows, the good and the bad, are truly an inspiration to our own faith.

This Centennial Mass is more than a time just to look back. It is also a time to understand the present and look to the future. At this time the church and the parish face many challenges. We have new problems and we need to look for new solutions. We have many new families and faces in the parish and we look for new ways of welcoming people and helping them feel at home.

Our Centennial gives us the opportunity to look back with gratitude to the past and take lessons from what we learn. Many of those lessons will help us shape the future of the parish. Our two greatest strengths are the Eucharist and our fidelity to prayer. The gift of the Body of Christ in Holy Communion has sustained this parish for more than one hundred years and will be the greatest source of nourishment and direction for the next one hundred years. There is no substitute for the weekly reception of Holy Communion at Sunday Mass.

Similarly, our prayer is so very important. Prayer for one another, our families, ourselves and the church is one of the best things we can do for each other. Because we bear the name, Holy Name of Mary, I think we can claim a special relationship to the Blessed Mother and her powerful and prayerful intercession. As you complete reading this reflection, I invite you to pray a Hail Mary for whatever intention that is close to your heart. Again, I invite you to the Noon Mass on September 8. A lawn reception of sandwiches and beverages will follow. Bring families and friends. All are welcome.

September 7, 2002

On Wednesday, September 11 our nation, along with people throughout the world, will remember the tragedy of one year ago. After discussion with many people, the work of a special committee, and the consideration of several ideas, our parish will offer what we hope is a very prayerful and helpful remembrance. We are preparing for a full 24-hour time of prayer that will begin on Tuesday evening, September 10 with a 7:30 p.m. Mass and conclude on Wednesday evening, September 11 with a 7:30 p.m. Mass. Hopefully this full day period of prayer will allow every parishioner who wishes to spend some time at our parish church the opportunity to do that. Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and participation in the Eucharist are wonderful ways of reflecting on the meaning of this day and receiving healing graces.

We will begin our remembrance with a Mass on Tuesday, September 10 at 7:30 p.m. This Mass will be a Mass for Peace and Justice with the Intention of the Victims and Their Families of September 11, 2001. Immediately following the Tuesday evening Mass, we will begin a 24-hour period of prayer that will extend through the night on Tuesday, through all day Wednesday and conclude Wednesday night with Mass at 7:30 p.m.

After Mass on Tuesday, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will follow and continue all through the night. At the beginning of each hour a decade of the Rosary will be recited. We hope that many parishioners will be present for this time of continuous prayer. We would ask that at least three parishioners be present for each hour. A sign-up for the volunteers will be available in the Church after September 1.

September 11 will be a mournful day. Each Mass will be concelebrated that day. The Mass intention of the 7:30 and 12:10 Masses will be honored and each Mass will include the Intention of the Victims of September 11 and their families. At the 9:00 Mass, at which our school children will be present, the sole intention is the World Trade Center Victims and Their Families. Exposition will continue through the day on Wednesday and our Prayer Remembrance will end with Mass at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

A summary of our prayer time for this Day of Remembrance is as follows:

  • Tuesday, September 10 - 7:30 p.m. Mass
  • Tuesday, September 10 - 9:00 p.m. to Wednesday, September 11, 7:30 p.m. — Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Recitation of a Decade of the Rosary at the start of each hour. Please note: Exposition does not take place during Mass.

  • Wednesday, September 11 - 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 12:10 p.m. Masses

  • Conclusion: Wednesday, September 11 - 7:30 p.m. Mass

Hopefully, all parish families will find in this remembrance schedule an invitation to pray. We hope that many will be able to attend one of these Masses during these sacred days when so many of us remember loved ones, friends and neighbors.

I especially invite you to remember those families of Holy Name of Mary Parish for whom September 11 will be so personally mournful. May the faith we share be a source of healing, particularly for these families.

September 14, 2002

This past week was a most blessed one for us. A week filled with many graces and a wonderfully prayerful and holy spirit.

We began the week on Sunday with the celebration led by Bishop Murphy of our 100th Anniversary. So many parts of this liturgy and lawn reception were very special and memorable. Our Church looked beautiful. A committee of volunteers led by Rita Fitzgibbon and Betty Bartolomeo did a magnificent job of making the sanctuary look splendid for the Centennial Mass. The ushers, greeters and young STEWFORKIDS led by Maureen Venetucci and Felicia Lotti welcomed everyone with a program and specially designed candle. Our Liturgy Commitee worked behind the scenes on particular details. Mrs. Rosemary Horgan, Parish Secretary, spent many hours preparing the booklet and prayer card. The Liturgy itself was celebrated with great reverence and joy. The altar servers, lectors, gift bearers, our sacristans: who set the table, all who ministered as extraordinary ministers, deacons, each added to the sacred spirit that was created by so many.

Our music and song stirred many. Mr. Kevin Faughey spent much time and energy organizing, preparing, rehearsing and bringing together the efforts of more than 60 musicians and singers. Our cantor, Reneé Socci, our three sopranos, the Choir, Folk Group, Spanish Choir, and Children's Choir combined talents and their own enthusiasm to provide a music program that helped draw us all together on this important occasion and express our shared joy.

Afterwards, the reception coordinated by Mrs. Marianne Madden with the Knights of Columbus, Parents Club, Youth Ministry and other volunteers brought the day to great conclusion. The day was bright and sunny and the parish grounds looked better than ever.

What made the day so great was that well more than 100 parishioners pooled together their time and talent and created a great celebration. For me, that was the greatest blessing of the day: the generous spirit of so many parishioners who offered themselves in so many different ways. So many take great pride in Holy Name of Mary Parish. A celebration like last Sunday gives us great reason to believe that God has blessed us with a rich community of faith-filled and committed Catholics. Many thanks to all who participated in any way. I knew in trying to think of all who participated, I had to forget someone or some group. I apologize; know that I thank you as part of the wonderful community we share here at Holy Name of Mary.

September 10-11
Our Prayer Day of Remembrance on September 10 - 11 was very special, so very reverent and deeply meaningful. Many, many participated in so many ways. Your presence, participation, and prayer was a bold statement of faith and a source of healing and consolation.

I could cite so many examples that moved me personally. For many, this day became like a day of retreat. Some people chose to participate in both the Tuesday and Wednesday evening Masses. People came steadily through the night, pre-dawn hours, and all day Wednesday to pray quietly. Parents came with young children; commuters came before work; men in uniform came to pray for fallen brothers; people set alarms and came in the middle of the night. Some of our families involved in the NYFD prayed here and then joined others at their firehouses. So many of our retired parishioners were here repeatedly throughout the day. It was deeply moving.

Several of our families who lost their dad and husband were present with other family members and friends. They then gathered with those they love in different ways to enjoy the love and support that is such an important part of the healing process. These young families remain at the heart of our prayer.

September 11, 2001 was a horrific day, filled with fire and gloomy darkness. September 11, 2002, truly became a day of hope and renewed commitment to healing of which prayer and the support of others are so essential. The gusty winds of September 11, 2002, I will always remember as a reminder of my experience of this day. This past Wednesday was a very holy day — a day during which I marveled at the tremendously strong faith that is present in our parish, I am very grateful to all who participated in the prayer of this most sacred day.

September 28, 2002

As was announced last week at each of the weekend Masses, our Centennial Dinner Dance at Milleridge Cottage on Friday, November 8 is now sold out. We had a great response and we are looking forward to a marvelous celebration of our 100 years. Mrs. Barbara Cercone is our Chairperson and she has been doing a great job with her committee in preparation for this event. If any more reservations are received, they will be recorded with the date arrived and put on a waiting list. If there are any cancellations for the dinner dance, they will be filled by an invitation to those on the waiting list. We reached our capacity last Saturday, September 21. We realize that some disappointed parishioners who would like to attend the dinner dance may not be able, but we have reached the capacity of the facility at Milleridge.

Parish Mission
Fr. Vincent Youngberg has just completed his parish mission. Between the morning and evening sessions, about 650 parishioners participated. People left Fr. Youngberg's talks feeling renewed and challenged. Many, many people expressed great delight as they left the mission each day. Fr. Youngberg continues to be a gift to many parishes throughout Long Island and we are very grateful to him for his second visit to our parish. For those interested in his tapes and various books that were part of his presentation, more information can be found in another part of the bulletin. Special thanks to MaryAnn Morrison, Cynthia Giugliano and their committee for doing a marvelous job of organizing and hosting the mission for us.

October 12, 2002

Many thanks to Sr. Barbara, the Folk Group, and those many families and parishioners who participated this past Tuesday night in our Family Rosary and Ice Cream Night. We prayed and then treated ourselves to Haagen Dazs. All who came enjoyed the time for prayer, the company of friends and the ice cream treat.

The November 8 Dinner Dance is sold out. For those who wish a seat on the bus that will bring parishioners to and from the dinner, call the rectory and ask for further information. No seats remain for the dinner. Seats do remain on the bus.

November 02, 2002

Centennial History

The newest bestseller in Valley Stream is the Holy Name of Mary Centennial History. Four Hundred copies of this 109 page volume have already been sold. 600 copies remain and are on sale after Mass today at the exits of the church for five dollars each. This donation covers the expense of printing and will provide a source of financial support for our new Youth Ministry.
The Centennial History is truly a labor of love by parishioner Mike Quigley. Mike spent hundreds of hours these past nine months accumulating, history, statistics and anecdotes about our 100 year history. We are very grateful to Mike for his tremendous dedication and commitment to this project. Printed in large type format, the book can easily be read by all in the family.
Another volume, the Centennial Journal will be distributed this Friday at the Centennial Dinner Dance at the Milleridge Cottage. The Centennial Journal is also the product of much labor and enthusiasm, headed by Betty and Dick Bartolomeo and Mike Quigley. All who supported this very successful endeavor are eligible to receive this book. More details will appear in a subsequent bulletin.
In the meantime, support Youth Ministry with a five dollar donation and enjoy the history of your parish!
I took forward to seeing many of you at the Centennial Dinner Dance on Friday night. The festivities begin at 7:00 PM at the Milleridge Cottage.

November 16, 2002

The Dinner Dance at Milleridge was a huge success - - no other way to describe it. All 425 people who attended are very grateful to Mrs. Barbara Cercone and her committee who organized the evening. From the cocktail hour to the midnight conclusion, people had a lot of fun. Old friends saw each other and caught up on many fond memories. Graduates of our school delighted in seeing Sister Elizabeth. Parents and Catechists of many years ago greeted Sister Barbara and recalled stories of prior Confirmation and First Communions. Sister Margie went from table to table sharing the news of how Parish Outreach continues to expand. Parishioners from the 1940s recalled stories of those days with Father Tom Kelly. It was truly a night of friendship and history centered on faith. The night was very short on speeches and filled with dancing. Many, many people have commented on the community spirit that filled the dining room at Milleridge. Again, many thanks to Barbara Cercone and her committee.

The Centennial Journal was also available at the Dinner Dance. Mike Quigley, Betty and Dick Bartolomeo did a great job at putting together this very successful journal and fundraiser. We thank all those who supported the journal; after all who purchased ads for the book, have received a copy, it will be made available to other parishioners who are interested in purchasing one.

November 30, 2002

Sunday, December 8, Noon Mass - - Closing Centennial Mass
We have had a great Centennial Celebration this past year. Throughout the past twelve months we have come together many times to celebrate our past and our community spirit. At this Mass, next Sunday, we will have a Mass that concludes this special year of grace. We have invited all those families that have had a Baptism here during the past year. The presence of these young babies and their families are a great sign of hope to us as we begin our second 100 years. After the Mass, there will be a reception in the school. All parishioners are invited to this Closing Centennial Mass.

Father Tom

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Pictures of Father McGovern, and the church and rectory,
are courtesy of the Valley Stream Historical Society.